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    RX480 - PC shutdowns and reboots


      Hello there,


      First my specs:
      MB: MSI Z77A GD-65

      Proc: Intel i5-3350P

      GC: RX 480 8GB

      RAM: 1 GSkill 8GB

      PSU: Corsair CX500 80+ bronze


      GC driver is up to date.

      BIOS firmware is up to date.


      Here is my problem: When I play Starcraft 2, after some hours, the PC shutdows and restarts immediately, it does not display a screen and I have to wait for about 15 minutes that it boots normally. I did not get the issue with other games so far. I also play COD Black Ops 3, Fifa 17, LoL, Doom, Heroes of The Storm.


      I checked if the GC was overheating and SpeedFan tells me that it is not (average 80 degrees, it does not go upper than that).


      I found out that when it shutdowns and that there is no screen, the graphic's card fan is not running anymore.


      Today I tried OCCT, the issue appeared after 24 minutes but it rebooted normally.

      I wanted to try to check it with another PC, but it failed to install the driver on it. The OS crashed when it was checking for device compatibility at the beginning of the installation.


      I believe that there is an issue with this graphic card but I want to have your opinion first.


      Thank you very much for your answers.

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          I have a possible solution for you . Get a friend with a power supply stronger then the current 500watt you have. I have a feeling it's just not enough to power that RX 480 when it starts to pull on the power it needs to perform at a high power state.  If you have other devices installed 500 watts to me seems a bit too low for that  card. I found that many times the recommended power supply watts does not include the extra devices one has installed. We all have devices that we like to install and never count them as a power draw. Disconnect everything but the bare bones of your system to boot to windows or linux.  Then test  to see if it shuts down.



              Chances are if it's not a very good power supply company it wont be able to hold it's own against a card like the RX 480 4G / 8G.

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            Have you checked your CPU temps? 500watt is more than enough for a rx480. Seems strange that it only does it for SC2 as well.

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              Full model name of your RX 480,please

              For another PC try to :

              1.Delete C:\AMD folder

              2.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program and install 16.11.5 driver

              3.Also we need full system info for that PC

              For your own PC:

              1.OS version?

              2.Run HWinfo64>sensors only>Logging start and play for 15-20 min. I want to see that log

              sens log.JPG