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Problem with rams Fx8350-Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 Rev3.0

Question asked by burakksglu on Jan 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2017 by arcticwind

Hey Support and community members of AMD.


I just bought a ram kit which is 1866 MHZ CL9 2x8GB kit from Kingston.I'm dropping links here to check you guys out:



So my problem is I can't boot when this both stick is plugged to mobo.I tried 1-3,2-4 slots and no luck.I also did select X.M.P profile1 from bios(which is 1866mhz),no luck again.But when I do select profile2(which is 1600mhz) it's a go.


I thought FX-8350 is capable of running 2 sticks of 1866mhz rams.

So I found a way to run over 1600Mhz which is OCing FSB speed.Right now I'm using rams at 1720Mhz with CL10(?) timings.

I'm adding system images right here so that you guys can check it out.


Hey guys!! New update! I made it work.I changed my CPU coolers' position.That opened up 4th slot.Now I'm using 2nd-4th slots together, 2 DIMMS at 1866MHz! Voila!! So happy to made it work! My money didn't go to trash can. LOL!


Also I changed FSB to Auto and OCed 8350 with multiplier.I'm sending screenshot to check by you if there anything is wrong!Cheers!ss+(2017-01-07+at+05.16.50).png