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    Possible Fix for AMD Driver Crashing on RX470 GraphicsCard


      I've spent the last two days trying to fix the constant Ingame system crash using the lastest AMD Driver for my RX470. Managed to fix it before doing the BIOS update. Hope this works for you:


      1. Scan Windows for any corrupt files and/or via sfc scannow command.

      2. Clean install the lastest driver for RX470 (My GPU is a XFX Radeon RX 470 RS Black Edition 4GB).

      3. Go to driver's Gaming and Global Override settings in the Driver Control Panel/Crimson.

      4. Reduce GPU speed by 200 or 300 Mhz for each cell where possible. I set the first couple of cells to their minimum values. (Will stress test these values later.)

      5. Set Memory to Dymanic.

      6. Leave Voltage and everything else on auto.

      7. Increase Power in Windows to High Performance.

      8. I Turned off all screen savers as well and set auto shut down display settings to Never.

      9. Restart PC again.


      Suprisingly, all games like ARMA3 and Skyrim, Fallout 4 etc work perfectly now without any system crashes for the past 6 hours.


      PS: Have no idea why the reduced GPU speed and other settings caused my system to crash. No overheating or bottleneck whatsoever. No messages in Event Viewer to isolate the problem etc. No indication of any possible cause (s) whatsoever. It usually failed/crashed without warning within the first 5 minutes ingame,ie, black screen and display auto power saving message just showing.


      Hope this works for you as well.


      My specs:

      • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
      • Service Pack 1 Build 7601
      • GA-890FXA-UD5 motherboard
      • AMD Phenom II x4 965 Processor - 3400Mhz 4 core
      • RAM 8G
      • GPU XFX Radeon RX 470 RS Black Edition 4GB

      Note: No responsibility is taken for any Override settings like the AMD disclaimer. Cheers

        • Re: Possible Fix for AMD Driver Crashing on RX470 GraphicsCard

          Been struggling with loss of signal issue for a few weeks(Already RMA'd the first card because it was completely dead) and now the new one 'works' for regular tasks but would crash 5 minutes into games, fans keep running, blue LED is on, sometimes I can hear everything still running in the background.)


          Your methodology above helped it become more stable; I started reducing the voltage as well because I thought it might be pulling too much power from the board and was shutting down.  Though after reviewing the GPU-Z logs I don't think the power is the cause.  Only correlation I see is the card trips when the dedicated memory, memory clock, and fan RPM's are their highest for that particular run.... But for some reason when I reduce voltage in Trixx the card can make through the benchmark further(Though I have yet to been able to finish the benchmark without crashing part way through.)


          The power draw and VDDC aren't at their highest when the signal cuts out. Below is my TRIXX profile for my best run.


          Profile 2.jpg

          Once I figure out how to upload the logs I will.


          My specs:

          • Windows 10 64 bits
          • Gigabyte Gamer 3 Mobo (Version 1.0) UEFI F7
          • Intel I5-6600K (Not OC'd)
          • RAM 16G
          • GPU XFX Radeon RX 470 RS Black Edition 4GB
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              Replaced the old PSU with 750W Corsair CX750M and that seems to have fixed the problem.



              XFX website recommends a 550W PSU with a 42A rated +12VDC rail.  My old PSU had two +12VDC rails rated 16A and 17A. So my old supply wasn't cutting it. The new Corsair Supply is a single rail rated 62A which so far has fixed the no signal issue.

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                • Re: Possible Fix for AMD Driver Crashing on RX470 GraphicsCard

                  I had the same problem since 01-13. I changed the HDMI cable.


                  HDMI cables has different qualities, when we input 480p/720p some cables hold nice, when we input 1080p/i, 2k, UHD, 4k and so on the low quality of cable makes the video loss.

                  I fixed my issue in a simple way, i changed the HDMI cable.

                  Here is the deal, HDMI cable works with high intensity of heat, when we use 1080p/i with sound, the cable overheat on the output of our VGA and INPUT of TV/Monitor. The VGA freezes when it uses on 3D visions and HD Streamings to protect it self.


                  It's not a problem of PSU in the most of times. EX: PSU with 4 cables PCI-E in most of cases share the same 60A/65A on 750w PSU, 40/45A on 600W PSU. We have to search on the PSU vendor if the 4 cables os PCI-E 6/8 pin shares the same 60A, but in most time shares. Even the ancient ones.


                  Srry my bad english

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              • Re: Possible Fix for AMD Driver Crashing on RX470 GraphicsCard

                Hi All,


                Just letting you know that as long as I reduce the GPU clock for older games, my GPU works perfectly. Thanks for your suggestions/comments.


                Still cannot get my head around the Why? It seems to be a software issue rather than hardware/driver issue. I've tested it further on another PC with a CrossFire set up on two 5850HD GPUs (my old workhorse that still hits above 80fps comapred to the newer GPUs). BF4 works perfectly, but BF3 crashed. So I reduced the GPU clock on one of the cards a little, and surprisingly it fixed the issue. If you have similar issues, try reducing your GPU clock speed a little before undertaking any further investigations or major overhauls/re-installs.



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