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    Graphics card help?


      Hi there! I am god-damn frustrated with this stuff not to vent my anger on you but some info would be nice!

      I would like to install an AMD Radeon R5 230 1GB DDR3 Diamond Graphics Card into my PC (PC details here, including Motherboard type: HP Pavilion 550-029 Desktop PC Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

      Every time I install the drivers for this thing on Windows 10, I restart my PC like it tells me to then I get a no signal, I already turned on Legacy Support and i did plug in the graphics card correctly, according to other "HP Professionals" they told me to disable my on-board graphics and i did so but nothing changed

      I really need some help here. If I am somehow missing any info let me know!

      Email: mike12awesome@hotmail.com

      Name: Michael Galecki