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    RX 460 Multi-Colored Screen?


      Hello i have just received my new Rx 460 graphics card in the mail today. Switched my old Geforce gt 730 with it. Before i installed any updates for the Rx 460, i uninstalled all my old drivers from the Geforce gt 730. So then i came to the AMD website, and downloaded "radeon-crimson-relive-16.12.2", to automatically install my drivers for me. But when installing the Display Driver my monitor would flash and then wouldn't show my desktop, instead it would show this corrupt multi colored screen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, same thing keeps occurring. I can boot to my desktop without any problems, I can play games just fine without any crashes, i simply can't update my driver. Is this a bad card??


      My Specs:

      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

      GPU: GIGABYTE Radeon Rx 460 WindForce OC 4GB

      CPU: AMD FX-4350

      RAM: Crucial 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3

      MotherBoard: ASRock 970M Pro3

      PSU: CoolMaster 450 Watts