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4gb rx 460 has pixel distortions when play "diablo 2" windows 7, driver glitch?

Question asked by jishi-katsu on Jan 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by redfury

FIXED: update to latest patch here :

Diablo II v1.14 Patch Notes - Forums

Also, do as red fury said. and follow instructions i placed if want to activate window mode.

As you can see, it has bright neon colors. Has this at menu, in game it only pops up if I start changing resolutions.1483777004193270014238.jpg


OS=win 7 64bit

CPU=phenom 9500 am2+

Ram=(2)ddr2 2gb total = 4gb RAM

Gpu=Xfx RX 460 4gb edition from best buy

PSU=thermaltake tr2 430w with 6pin pcie connector

1 sata HD

1 ide HD

1 DVD/CD rom

It sometimes shows loading screen like that on startup.


Sorry, but I returned the GPU to Bestbuy, works flawless(1080p max setting on pso2 benchmark, nvidia favored game) minus that glitch. I dual boot win xp , I couldn't game with rx460 as there's no drivers.  My personal complaint but xp is a very very old OS, LOL.


Problem had to due with direct draw and direct 3d. As I later tested on diablo's video tester. But, direct3d would cause game not to boot and freeze. Direct draw is base setting. It  Ran perfect on divine divinity(direct draw/direct3d based), so probably a diablo 2 glitch and not a rx460 glitch. Probably missing coding for rx460 or rx460 not using old coding functions.


But, awesome GPU, got to see the power scaling side of it and it is truly amazing. I ordered a r7 250x as it should work with xp... I think, lol. I got my little bro a rx480 8gb edition, think polaris is great.