AMD Ryzen - Availble 1Q 2017; SR3, SR5, SR7 all will be released; All overclockable; Heavily Chipset Dependent

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New AMD Ryzen details revealed: Overclocking, CrossFire, lineup info, and more | PCWorld


Speaking of which, while AMD wouldn’t commit to a hard launch date for Ryzen, Hallock did give a glimpse at when not to expect Ryzen, which will launch this quarter. “When companies say first quarter or first half, people assume that means the very end of that time frame,” Hallock said. “The very last day of Q1 is not our trajectory.”


Likewise, only the tippy-top, enthusiast-focused X370-based AM4 motherboards will support Radeon CrossFire or Nvidia SLI setups for multiple graphics cards.

While overclocking is supported with every Ryzen processor, only the more enthusiast-focused AM4 boards with X300, X370, and B350 chipsets will actually be able to crank those chips to 11 using all the fancy new overclocking technologies inherent to Ryzen.


When Ryzen launches it won’t be limited to the high-end 8-core, 16-thread model AMD’s been showing in all its demos. AMD product manager Jim Prior tells me that Ryzen will be a complete stack of chips at release, though he declined to go into further details. Furthermore, each and every AM4 motherboard, cooler, and PC that AMD announced last night will be available from day one.


Sadly, no prices were mentioned, but as said in Intel Kaby Lake reviews the i7-7700K has a list price of $303, so that should be about the price for the top end SR7 chip.