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xfx rx 480 gtr screen flickering

Question asked by soarim on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by ricardolin

so i bought a rx 480, installed the lastest driver, and every game i play have huge flickerings all around the monitor, but only in game, i played the witcher 3, bf1, even cs go has flickering, dont know what else to do, i already tried old drivers, changed the hdmi cable for a dvi, tried changing resolution, tested all games in low/medium/high/ultra, and the flickering was still there, i monitored the gpu and it was normal, temps were good, voltage too, clocks and etc, all normal, i use a LG 60hz monitor.


pc specs:


xfx rx 480 gtr 8gb

fx 8150 3.6 mhz

psu themaltake 700w

8 gb ddr3 ram