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    7860K HEVC/h.265 support


      Does the A10-7860K support hardware HEVC/h.265 decode capability?  Will it ever?  This seems to suggest that there is hardware HEVC decode support - https://community.amd.com/community/amd-corporate/blog/2015/05/12/what-is-hevc-and-why-should-you-care    I'm looking to build a budget-friendly HTPC.  Thank you!

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          Your APU is 5th generation of AMD APU and it doesn't support HEVC/h.265

          You need at least 6th generation APU (A10 8700P for example)

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            I have a H.265 encoder and player, both use my Phenom II X4 fine


            It's a pure software codec so it uses only the CPU

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              Thank you for your help.  I think the 7860K is the way to go right now.  I was looking for HEVC decode capability to somewhat be future proof.


              Right now I have the Athlon 5350 on an Asrock AM1H MITX motherboard.  I'm running an antenna to a HDHR3 Connect to WMC on Windows 7 64 with 1 XBOX 360 extender.  The 5350 is perfectly fine for WMC, and for the most part the extender (though sometimes the video quality drops on the extender and I'm not sure why).  The 5350 is horrible with Flash.  My 3yr old likes to watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, which is all Flash on PBS Kids.  The video stutters badly.  My wife will watch basketball games on ESPN 3 or ESPN U, which uses Flash, and the video stutters there as well.  YouTube videos are so-so, but YouTube uses HTML5, so I'm thinking that the CPU is doing all the decoding of the VP9 codec and can't keep up?  I use Chrome as the browser and verified that the GPU is doing the hardware decoding of the video, but I guess it can't keep up.  I am using Catalyst 15.7.1 drivers because I like the advanced video controls.  Crimson did away with them and when I put the video setting on 'cinema' all video becomes choppy and stutters.  Perhaps there is something I'm missing with Flash to make it stream more smoothly?


              Thanks again for your help.