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Two-in-one graphics become disconnected

Question asked by murban on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by kingfish

Dear Friends,


first of all, I have a notebook (HP 2192eg) that has two-in-one (HD Radeon 7520G+7600M series) graphic cards. Two weeks ago I decided to update my graphic cards via device manager, because there was such a long time that were no new updates for my drivers. I then restarted my computer, a notification window popped up which told me that it couldn't detect my GCs anymore. So I took a look and opened the Device Manager app. I would like to mention that, something like this has never ever happened before as I'm using this same notebook for almost 4 years now. Well, the device manager usually displayed the two-in-one graphic card, but this time instead, it displays me two SEPARATED graphic cards. So I opened the Radion Settings app and in the "System" section it also displayed me two separated graphic cards instead of "...7520G+7600M" as it usually did. Then I tried to update my drivers and GCs with the Crimson Beta software which somehow failed. I even tried to get the old version of my graphic cards back by using the device manager app, but it changed nothing. What I forgot to mention was that in the Radion Settings app, under the "System" section, it says the 7520G graphic card is the primary one, the 7600M series is just linked to it. It didn't change my notebook performance at all, however my computer tells me to update the Windows Experience Index (WEI), so I "did". I let it run til the end, but after a while it tells me to update the WEI again. I tried and tried, the notification keeps being shown. So even if my performance hasn't changed (I play video games but gave it completely up a few days ago that's why I know that), it seems like the computer doesn't "know" which graphic card it should use.

My question is obviously, how do I get both back to one place? Thank you in advance!