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    Asus RX 460 OC 2gb.......device not detected


      Hi all, I have just upgraded my graphics card to the Asus Raedon RX 460 OC 2gb (powered off the board), motherboard is an Asus M4A77T (bios etc. up to date) about 5 yrs old, Win 7 (up to date). I have used DDU to clear all old drivers & CCC. On reboot Win 7 did not recognize the card, used the supplied disk to install the drivers which then reported that no graphics card was detected, ultimately this software crashed the system, rebooted, chk/dsk found loads of problems, DDU again and then used system restore. I have tried the latest driver off the Asus web site and an older version of CCC..............no graphics card detected. Windows just registers a std plug & play device but does let me set the correct res 2560x1440. The card is taking power as the fans are spinning ok, am I missing something obvious or should I send it back as faulty?


      Any help appreciated.



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          I don't fully understand you - do you have image from this card or you have another video card in your card PC?

          1.Reset your BIOS(take oute battery for 5 sec) and reinstall your RX 460 in PCIe slot more tightly

          2.Try install this chipset drivers

          3.Win7 must be really updated(all critical and recommended updates)

          4.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program and install 16.11.5 driver

          Show me GPU-Z main screen

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              Hi redfury,

              Thank you for taking the time to answer, first to update you


              The bios was up to date, battery has been out and reset, card is in firmly.

              The latest chipset drivers were installed.

              The OS is always fully up to date.

              Have used DDU in safe mode, many times.

              Tried your suggested chipset and the 16.11.5 drivers, device manager still shows a "standard VGA graphics adapter" and a "Generic PnP monitor" (actual monitor is a Dell Ultrasharp U2711)

              Used DDU again and tried 16.12.2 drivers, system still reports the same "standard & generic"

              One thing I forgot to mention is that I have no Catalyst program folder or means of opening the program anywhere, the only AMD program available is the problem report wizard.


              GPU-Z again shows a Standard adapter but the rest of the info seems correct for the RX460 apart from the GPU clock & memory which show 0Mhz ?



              I am pretty certain I have not missed anything along the way and feel it may be time to contact AMD or send this back to the retailer.


              Thanks again for taking the time and making suggetions.