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AMD GPU not working properly and software does not identify GPU correctly

Question asked by davidalves on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by kingfish

Hey everyone,


Total noob here, with a weird problem I can't find any help on.

I have a Dell Latitude 3540 laptop, i7, 2.00 GHz and 8 GB RAM, with Windows 10 64-bit and an AMD HD 8850 M GPU installed along with another Intel graphic card. I kept the driver updated, but I had uninstalled the Catalyst software, due to a few compatibility problems. Recently, I had the laptop cleaned, but after it, I noticed a significant downgrade in quality for gaming. I think that the system is not actually using the AMD GPU. I checked with the Windows device manager, and the driver is up to date, and it is, apparently, working correctly. I tried installing Crimson ReLive and Catalyst (an old beta version, 15.2 or something), but they don't recognize the GPU correctly - instead, they identify it as a R9 M200X Series (which, if I'm not mistaken, is a more powerful one than mine).

I have tried updating the driver and changing the configuration in both softwares so that they activated when opening games, but nothing solved the problem, and now my PC is having some overheating issues.

Seriously, any help, even if not for solving but just understanding the problem better, would be immensely appreciated.