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xfx r9 fury loud pump standard????

Question asked by slickwicked on Jan 6, 2017
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I just bought a xfx r9 fury x, replaced a gtx980 and love it so far.

This is my first amd gpu in years and i wanted to get back on team red.


problem is the pump on the gpu is soo loud, its louder than anything else in my case.

I sit about two feet from its position on my desk. I can hear it rev up when im turning on my pc, when windows loads its whiiirs down.

when i start a game it sounds like a fast whiney vibrating pump. is this a common thing on these cards?

it is the revised pump with cooler master emossed instaed of a sticker.

weird thing is when i got it last friday it was completely quiet, as far as i recall.

it sounds like a high pitched noise and a spinning pump

thanks so much