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rx 460 Help Please

Question asked by frimz on Jan 6, 2017
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Hello AMD family. I have been a AMD guy since I was 10 years old, I'm 26 now. I am starting to lose faith. I am about ready to scream my face off, and I am an expert user.


Last week I ordered a Sapphire RX 4604gb. Once it arrived I took out my GTX 660 Nvidia(my brother was testing it) which ran CSGO @ 1280x1024 144hz @ 230fps all LOW settings NO black bars..


-I uninstalled the drivers using UDD. All is uninstalled and fine.

-I installed the RX460 and downloaded the last drivers for that hardware.


My problems are,

-when I turn computer on the screen looks like its melting, than it goes to windows.

-I get 40fps in CSGO on all low settings.

-I Can no longer use stretched 4:3 in CSGO, I cant get rid of blackbars.

-I Can only use 1920x1280 144hz or 640x480144hrz on desktop.

-I Can no longer use 1280x1024 144hz on desktop(my fav res).

-When I try to use 1280x1024 144hz on desktop it changes its self to 1280x1024 @ 59hz, than when I try to put it at 144hz it changes its self to 640x480 @ 144hz.

-I get 30-90fps in all my games now, not enough to use my ASUS 144hz monitor.

-I can no longer access radeon additional settings to access my flat panel displays.


To add insult to injury my Radeon ASUS HD7770 gets 200fps+ on 1280x1024 144hz and this new RX460 can barley hit 100.


Is this card defective or has AMD really dropped the ball and this is how awful this card is.


Please someone help me figure out what is going on and why it's not letting me do 1280x1024 144hz and why I get awful FPS.