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Discussion created by savagebeastzero on Jan 5, 2017
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AMD Counter: 3...2...1!!!!!!!




Just some things I had to get off my chest, in regards to today's "Vega CES 2017 Announcement" and I believe many here in the AMD community will agree


I honestly don't know how the AMD marketing team decided it was a good idea to hype nothing more than outtakes to the "Radeon Rebellion" marketing campaign video and a few architecture videos as if it were something worthwhile to get hyped about. If AMD wanted their fans to "make some noise", they sure are and it isn't good. This was incredibly counter productive to all the momentum built after the original "Radeon Rebellion" video.


Let's face it, AMD hasn't been known for being a marketing powerhouse when it comes to their products, but for once they had gotten the industry and consumer attention they've desired prior to a products launch. I know many (Including myself), who ensured their schedules were free for this mornings "announcement" and in doing so lost quite a sum of money, along with time. These are the kinds of mistakes that AMD simply doesn't have room for, because they cut into the consumers financial bottom line and in turn their own.


When consumers interested in a product are misled in such a manner, it's something that will leave a very bad taste in their mouth. Everywhere across the internet tens of thousands (if not more) consumers excitedly anticipating the Vega products announcement, that navigated to today now feel misled, frustrated and rightfully so, angry. This was AMD's opportunity to greatly build further onto the momentum already gained, not tear it down. Now across the web, those that were excited are now instead leaving statements such as "Another Major Disappointment" and AMD deserves every bit of that backlash this time around, because in doing so, there was simply no other possible outcome that could have taken place and if the AMD marketing team believed there was, they're incredibly out of touch and simply need to be replaced, bottom line.


The fact that there would be no Vega CES 2017 live stream should have been communicated better to the consumer, because this is already backfiring and badly. I don't know what kind of "good faith" gesture AMD has to do to redeem themselves from this, but they do and quickly. The general consumer interested in the Vega announcement deserved better than this, but more importantly the loyal AMD fan base deserves an outright apology for their lack of communication.


Not only was this insensitive to interrupt daily lives of far too many for nothing more than video snippets, this was simply unprofessional on too many levels. Regardless of what many say, there is such a thing as bad publicity and once again, you've found a way to obtain it, even if unintended.


AMD needs to make this right, because this was unacceptable. AMD fans, shareholders and advocates should expect nothing less than an apology after such a blatant disregard for peoples time and financial loss.