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    MSI RX480 8Gb No Signal On Boot


      Hi, I'm having trouble getting my RX480 to work in a fresh build.

      The LEDs light up.

      The fans don't spin.

      I have tried installing the card but am getting no signal from it at all even during post/bios.

      My MB bios is the latest version.

      Card is not detected in device manager while installed with old card (so I can see what i'm doing as MB has no video out)


      I have attempted clearing the CMOS and using DDU as suggested in other posts I've read.


      Am currently using old R9 280X and is working perfectly.


      I've run out of options, can someone help?




      CPU: AMD FX8350

      GPU: MSI RX 480 GAMING X 8G

      PSU: EVGA SN 650 G2