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    Can't use my 2 R7 370 in CrossfireX Mode


      HI! I've installed 2 R7 370 4GB in my PC, but when i did the crossfire bridge one GPU card doesn't work (im acivate it in amd catalyst), this GPU always say 0% activated, when im in game, sony vegas, after effects... I already disabe ULPS in regedit but it not work. After updated to 16.12.2 my screen turn black and freezes. How can i proceeded?


      Processor: AMD FX 8300 Eight-core Black Edition

      OS: Win10 pro 64 bit (in SSD disk)

      RAM: 2x HyperX Savage 8GB 1866Mhz

      MOBO: ASUS  M5A97

      PSU: Xigmatek Calibre 600W XCP-A600 80PLUS

      GPU: 2x Sapphire AMD Radeon R7 370 4GB NITRO DUAL-X OC DDR5 11240-04-20G (using crossfire cable)


      Also i saw in my country many peoples complaining about the same problem, including a news made a report about it:


      In report tells about the driver issue and how it influence in market.


      Thanks for help me in advice!