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    Sorry,missing AMD folder delete on DDU,can Crimson and Catalyst  match for WDDM?Pulling /GPU and WDDM is from Windows Update.


      amdd.png  OH,Sorry!I have missed  AMD folder delete check! Please check it outATI Catalyst Control Center fix for Windows 8 - YouTube . After uninstalling Driver,if AMD folder is left,it interrupt All System.

        I should make attention that remnants of Folders.C:/AMD and  Folders in AppData.I must remove them.And I must use CCcleaner,and must shutdoen and restart.(After using CCcleaner

      and I should not istall drivers.Cause of remnannts may be still left,.)

        Before installing AMD drivers , I must pull drivers from Windows Update.At same time main driver and WDDM drivers.Actually. after deleting GPU on Device Manager,ater taking times,

      Fortunately ,Automaticaly GPU drivers.(without WDDM drivers).

        Can WDDM match for Crimson Relive Driver? OS on PC is ready for Radeon R5 335M. Crimson Relive is ready for Radeon ™ R5 335M.In that case of WDDM it is said thatall systems of AMD driver cannot run.May be Only Game and System TABS.

        The GPU that automaticaly got is made 2015 July.And i will install new inf in this.( I mistake installed catalyst inf.)amdd.png

         I am forgataful for desease.