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    Pls tell me hwo to get refound for buying malfunctioning rx 480. Prolems of crashing games.


      AMD pls let me leave u in peace. I bouth ur refenced card at the day of realese cus I loved my Vapour X 7970 Ghz edition 6gb. I thought it would be a great update but at the end my referenced RX 480 crashes in WOT all the time. It seems nothing can resolve the issue as It's due to bad voltage transfer. Meaning you sold me malfunctioning card to begin with. If I knew that this will happen I woudl wait for gtx  1060. I trusted you but after half a year I'm feeling to left alone with my problem.


      But I've just realized tht it can not be solved as the problem on the construtur side. So pls if I could at least change my card to a newer edition it would dave me hating you.