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RX460 with 4K TV display  - No ability to change overscan settings + Only 8bit mode?!

Question asked by dee82 on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2017 by angryafnewraze

I have a Samsung KS7000 (KS8000 us) and the TV is fine, before I installed my new RX460 I could change the overscan and all is well in the world,. ie, overscan settings were available and bluray work correctly and as expected.


Since installing this RX460 tho all those options in the additional settings have gone so I am unable to set the overscan on the PC and the only way I can get it to fit to screen is by using the TV settings of fit to screen, which would be fine except to say that when playing blu ray films it then leaves a border to the left and right of the screen which isn't acceptable.


I have tried wiping the drivers, I have tried using the clean install option on the new drivers.  but alas nothing seems to bring back those settings.

The second part to this problem is the screen bit depth, for some reason with this card I can only set it to 8bpc!! this is supposed to support 10bit as is my TV and was one of the main reasons for getting this card.  If I was happy to stick with 8bit id have just used my display port on my old card then converted it up to HDMI2, it would have saved me the cost of this card if nothing else!


To be clear I'm looking for the answer to two problems

I need overscan settings

I need to have 10bit mode available


thanks for your help