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Firepro w5100 won't display 4 external HDMI Monitors

Question asked by kgarrison on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by fsadough

Our office is setting-up 4 external 50" HDMI Samsung wall-mounted displays to monitor trouble tickets throughout the organization.  We have a new Dell box with the AMD W5100 installed running 64bit Windows7 Enterprise.  We are using 4 Displayport to HDMI adapters to connect to the Samsung displays.  We have never been able to get all four displays to work at the same time.  We have managed to get three monitors working, but the 4th displays a message that it is not connected.   When we disconnect the fourth adapter and go straight to a displayport desk monitor, all four function without issue.  Originally we used 4 passive adapters, then read on the forum that we would need an active adapter.  We then ordered two active displayport to HDMI adapters hoping that would resolve the issue.  We tried every combination of active and passive adapters with no luck.  We never get more than 3 working.  We checked the wiring and found no issues.  We have four 50" Samsung displays with only three working and are trying not to scrap the card and going with the W7100, as someone else on the forum did.


Any suggestions?