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    RX 480 system restarts


      Computer Description.  (whole system is brand new)


      CPU:  i7 6700k 4.00Ghz

      Motherboard:  Z170-A Asus

      Ram: 16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz

      SSD: 500 GB Samsung 850 EVO

      Graghics Card:  MSI RX 480 8GB  *driver relive-16.12.2-minimalsetup.

      PSU: EVGA 600W

      Monitor:  Dell 4k X2817Q, connected through mDP  Res 3840x2160 @60Hz  *In games I usually go with 1920x1080 @60Hz*

      OS: Win 10 Pro 64x. *Up to date




      Computer randomly restarts, it happens often when I play Fallout 4 *ultra settings, 1080p res*, but it also happens while watching videos on *Media Player* or doing nothing at all, idle or web browsing *chrome and firefox*.  I already tried to uninstall the drivers, in safe mode using DDU, now I'm using the 16.12.2 minimal setup, because before I had the crimson relive 16.12.2 software and any change at all in the watman setting would restart the computer (and afterwards, windows display a msg that the watman setting where reset due to a problem), also the program made the whole system to overwork.  With this drivers the system is more stable but it keeps restarting randomly and its really annoying.


      I also had lots of problems trying to update windows, it couldn't update until I removed the graphics card from the pc., then i had more problems installing the latest drivers from AMD.


      I'm thinking of return the card and go for a Nvidia, since the support here is so bad, I see a lot of people with the same drivers problems and still no solution (and I see that the treads go back since the release), really disappointed of AMD drivers.  (the performance in games is excellent until it shuts down)


      PS:  I don't use any overclock settings.


      Appreciate any help, and if anyone has the same problem, please leave your comment here.

        • Re: RX 480 system restarts

          So, first off,win10 probs, upgrade/ISO install ?

          A site well worth a visit tenforums.com/

          Keep in mind. the 480 is not a high end card (older 390x is better imo),FO4 is pretty h.a.r.d on amd cards(nv godrays).

          If you carried over any old win7/8 software, un-install/delete it.

          Try a Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers download/install full driver pack(not min.setup)

          Also, any 3rd party oc/optimizing software may cause conflict with wattman (un-install/delete, turn off hw.acc in browsers(unless needed ?).

          For troubleshooting, all startup apps/.programs should be disabled in task manager.

          For good gaming, read the related  games' graphics tweak guides (easily found on websearch).

          If you want to go nv, your choice, but threats of that usually deter many of us offering possible remedies.

          I deleted my FO4  graphics guide long ago(1200+hrs @constant 50+-60 fps on a 7970), so you need to do a bit of learning before blaming hardware..