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Why is my Radeon hd 8300 r3 showing gpu 0% when playing a 3d game?

Question asked by vsbuilder on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by vsbuilder

Hi. I don't have many games on my PC, two in fact. One is minecraft, the other is another sandbox game called Vintage Story. Recently I installed AMD system monitor to see why the Vintage Story game was lagging a lot, and discovered that it has high CPU usage, but ZERO gpu usage, despite having a profile created for it in my Radeon Crimson app. I have a low powered computer which is basically a notebook in a desktop box (a Packard Bell), using an E1 processor with 8 gbs of ram, and a Radeon hd 8300 Rs card. So of course I get low performance on both games anyway. But neither Vintage Story or Minecraft utilize my Radeon GPU at all, it shows 0% usage at all times. My system is running Windows 10. This is a total surprise, my Video card has been essentially dormant since I bought the PC. Problem is I can find no way of activating it. It is visible in my Windows devices, I have upgraded divers for it, installed Radeon software, yet never seem to have actually got the card to work. I am baffled. A little annoyed too. But still baffled.


Any help at all would be gratefully accepted.