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16.12 eyefinity very bad fps

Question asked by axxis on Jan 4, 2017

I have an Asus 390 Strix that up until this point has worked flawlessly with 60fps in eyefinity in games like Gta5  and Battlefield 1. Now after installing 16.12.1 driver I get around 7fps in both games with eyefinity turned on. It doesn't matter if I play on low or ultra, I still get very bad fps. I tried upgrading the drivers to 16.12.2 and no difference. When turning eyefinity off I get the fps I had before the driver upgrade. I tried turning ReLive off, but it's no difference.


Am I the only one with these kinds of problems, and if the drivers are faulty is there a way to go back to the previous drivers I had which worked flawlessly? It's very frustrating.