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Hp laptop, windows auto-install wrong drivers

Question asked by joe2223 on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by joe2223


i dont know much about pc's so i've turned up here for some help

ive recently gotten an hp laptop

Amd A10-9600P +radeon R5 Graphics chipset

Amd Radeon R7 M440 gpu (ive seen that the model is this one from both hp site and the shop from which ive bought the laptop)


My problem is that windows auto install WRONG drivers for amd R8M445DX while amd settings cannot be found in my pc.

I 've re installed drivers from amd site, and model name changed to the one i have and amd settings where to be seen once again

then windows re installed drivers for R8 and amd settings disappeared once again


At the same time every time i try to run a game, it runs on chipset. ive downloaded gpuz and showed no activity at my gpu even though it seems to be connected

So wrong drivers and games run on chipset, no amd settings(crimson or whatever its called) to be seen.

Everything else is working fine

Any suggestions?