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AMD Gigabyte RX 480 8GB Drivers won't install

Question asked by synitar on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by synitar

Good day,


I have got some problems with my newish RX480. I bought it a few weeks ago, and I got some atikmpag.sys BSODs. I managed to fix that by only installing the drivers and not settings etc. However, yesterday my PC randomly crashed and after that my drivers seemed to be corrupted. GPU-Z read 0MHz core and memory clock, games were extremely laggy, around 0.5FPS, and some OpenGL relying games wouldn't even open at all. I tried to install all 16.12.x drivers, as well as the 16.11.5 (if I'm not mistaken, the one before the new 16.12 drivers), removed the old ones via DDU, even completely reset my computer, all to no avail. I hope you can help me. My specs will be down below.


A Desktop with:

AMD GPU: Gigabyte G1 Radeon RX480 8GB

CPU: Intel i5 4460

PSU: Seasonic S12II-Bronze 520W

MB: MSI H81M-P33

SSD and boot drive: Crucial BX100 250GB

RAM: 8GB of Crucial CT102464BA160B


Thanks in advance,