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    Vertical screen flicker unless using GPU tweak 2 gaming mode. R9 380


      Hello everyone


      As the title says really, using a Strix R9 380X.

      Never had this problem until I installed GPU tweak, now I get a nast horizontal flicker unless using one of the presets.

      I have two screens and get an identical flicker on both screens so cables and faulty screens are ruled out.


      When switching from OC to Gaming mode I also get a flicker.

      I read online about GPUZ affecting so I uninstalled this, and also tried uninstalling GPU Tweak but this just made the issue worse.I also get a crash on Radeon Wattman each time I open up Dota 2, I have to close down the game in task manager and restart then I can play normally.

      Can anyone recommend what I can try next?