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    New result is again same thing only game and system tab


      After new trial,only video and system tab.At first, on device manager delete gpu device and by windows uninstaller AMD drivers ,and used DDU lastest and install,non whql 16.12.2.then,AMD

      uninstaller freezed and by setup exe uninstall drivers.I make microst basic display driver on device manager.ON device manager from inf from extacted inf from AMD driver exe.(AMD driver can't detect

      hardaware, and i stoped installing exe.)I chose " Radeon ™ R5 335M".On device manager  on Display manager two same gpu, one is unsafe,other is safe.I chose safe GPU.I alterd extacted inf on extrated inf and run by admistrator run installed drivers.Result, Only GAME and SYSTEM TAB.

      Twice, when everytime i uninstall Visual C. At first i installed by WU AMD drivers. Succesfully,uninstall is smooth!GPU on device mager is then removed.And i used DDU,and by installed AMD GPU by

      Windows Update, "AMD Radeon 335・・・WDDM etc" appeared.Are they defferent from AMD Radeon ™ R 335M?And i installed driver exe by rapid install. After, i altered GPU by inf Radeon ™ R5 335M

      and altered Enable Ulps.After same thing GAME and SYSTEM tab.

      After ,i unistalled by WU AMD drivers, but uninstall is frozen.I used DDU.Then found on device manager "Radeon R5 335M".

      I wan't to uninstall IObit uninstaller and IObit driver booster. i wan't to uninstall Intel graphic.I install by device manager Intel graphic VEN DEV SUSSYS problem disappered. anyway install settiing is all.

      How after unistalling AMD drivers do i?

      I use DELL Inspiron 5759.Radeon R5 335M.(Radeon ™ R335?)

      AMD autodetect says need is minimal setup.

      Are needed making virus scan?