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ReLive Encoding  (Hevc & AVC)

Question asked by [asa]sockerchoken on Jan 3, 2017

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     AVC 264                                                                    HEVC 265

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Alright I was very interested in finding out that Hevc and the new Encoding 265.

So I bought  2 Rx 480 for test and compare the size from AVC and Hevc  264/265.

even choosing Hevc 1440p/2k or 4k did not change the size at all witch is very promising in one point of view.

But for dealing with size compression AVC and HEVC in this case, are the same in ReLive.

Even if AVC is using 264 with less size compression then HEVC. The 265 with file compression in AMD ReLive does not change from the view of AVC 264.

The only changes in file size is controlled by what Bitrated you choose to have in the video.

that should not meter when it comes to encoding you use, cause they are both different


What I'm trying to say is H.265 has no compression as the H.264 in updates of it's file size.

If I have missed something from my test Please comment if so.