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computer freezes first time in the morning

Question asked by igop on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by redfury

Hi guys, my computer freezes on every first time its switch on in the morning, after browsing for 2 minutes or so it will freeze and everything is unresponsive so i have to press the reset button.

So i will reset the computer but after few seconds after the windows start up it will shutdown itself. This is the routine of my computer in the morning, it freezes then i will restart then it will shutdown it self, so i will switch it on and it will be fine for the rest of day. Im using xfx r9 290 radeon. The only driver that it doesnt do this much is the 15.11 driver version, i tried each of the driver after this 15.11 until the latest 16.12.2 and still im getting this problem every morning. Sometimes when im playing call of duty remastered or doom it freezes and if i will just leave it freezing for couple of minutes the fan of the gpu will go very fast and so loud and if it does this the reset button will not work so i have to unplug it on the mains to reset the computer