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    Why isn't it possible for me to switch to my dedicated graphics card..?


      My graphics card "AMD Radeon R7 360" Isn't enabled, nor to my knowledge can I fix it. If you'd like to see a photo of what I see in my Radeon Additional Settings, here it is. Gyazo - ab34ec5131aec00e7a8194d029fcf65d.png


      Now, I see people with a whole whack of stuff on this list in the additional settings, but I only have that.

      If I go to my System information in my AMD Radeon Software, I see this: Gyazo - 9875c090d3aac90182d803cce61bca93.png

      Why is my Radeon R7 360 graphics disabled, and why is my horrifying graphics enabled? I can't, to my knowledge, fix it at all. Can somebody help me figure this out? Also - I can't access BIOS 'cause when I try, my screen turns black and does nothing.