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Why isn't it possible for me to switch to my dedicated graphics card..?

Question asked by john18 on Jan 2, 2017

My graphics card "AMD Radeon R7 360" Isn't enabled, nor to my knowledge can I fix it. If you'd like to see a photo of what I see in my Radeon Additional Settings, here it is. Gyazo - ab34ec5131aec00e7a8194d029fcf65d.png


Now, I see people with a whole whack of stuff on this list in the additional settings, but I only have that.

If I go to my System information in my AMD Radeon Software, I see this: Gyazo - 9875c090d3aac90182d803cce61bca93.png

Why is my Radeon R7 360 graphics disabled, and why is my horrifying graphics enabled? I can't, to my knowledge, fix it at all. Can somebody help me figure this out? Also - I can't access BIOS 'cause when I try, my screen turns black and does nothing.