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    Crimson ReLive Additional Settings


      Hi everyone,


      so basically i updated today my R9 380 and it blowed my mind that my most important feature (I mean obviously color settings like brightness/saturation etc.) are not there. I hope this is only temporary. Is there any news that those options will be back in some update? It's probably one of the most important features for gamers. Especially me as im playing CS:GO alot and I always change my colors before-game. Pls. AMD don't make me go back to geforce since i like all those updates but cutting so important options? It ain't nice. So my question is, are those option goin' to be back?


      Thx for any usefull answers and good news.

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          Honestly....whether you go "back" to geoforce couldn't be of less interest. Nobody cares.

          If you took the time to read the identical posts in the forum...you would have your answer.

          Use a older driver > Previous

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            Yes, some settings are no longer present for a long time, it redirects to the Windows settings.

            What I miss is the ability to configure the max frequency of the cpu by game profile, for example: on games can greedy, it was practical to be able to block the frequency of the cpu has 50% in order to regularize the consumption of this last.

            As far as I am concerned, since the last update, I can no longer change the frequency of the graphic memory, it is grayed out.

            And finally, the WattMan interface is really too big, so when can we use "Virtual Super Resolution" on the 21/9? Same, the "Scale Mode" does not work, which would be handy for 21/9 format or games track their resolution cut down.

            PS: CG; R 290x / FX9590.
            Cordially, and happy new years!