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    Instability with a radeon rx460 | Event 219, Kernel-PnP | Event 4101, Display | Event 41, Kernel-Power


      Hi, how are you, I have a radeon a radeon plate and I'm having problems lately (sorry my english is a google translate translation):


      Event 219, Kernel-PnP

      The driver \ Driver \ WUDFRd could not be loaded for the device WpdBusEnumRoot \ UMB \ 2 & 37c186b & 0 & STORAGE # VOLUME #_ ?? _ USBSTOR # DISK & VEN_GENERIC & PROD_STORAGE_DEVICE & REV_0.00 # 00000000000006 & 0 #.


      Event 4101, Display

      The amdkmdap screen driver stopped responding and was successfully recovered.


      Event 41, Kernel-Power

      The system was restarted without first turning it off cleanly. This error can occur if the system stopped responding, the power was blocked or the power was interrupted unexpectedly


      If I install the last driver becomes very unstable, but if I put the one that comes from the factory is a little more stable and these errors occur every 2 days approximately, although it is random


      Describe your system:


      AMD Graphics Card

      • Radeon RX 460 Graphics

      Desktop or Laptop System

      • Desktop

      Operating System

      • Windows 7 ultimate x64

      Driver version installed

      • 16.30-160713a-304730E

      Display Devices

      • SAMSUNG SA300
      • LG E2341


      • GA-A55M-S2V (Socket M2)


      • AMD A8-3870


      • 8 GB DDR3


      As I researched, it is not a problem of the hard drive, the power source and also the ram.


      I had planned to install windows 10, but I do not know if this solved the problem.