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    Can't update Gigabyte HD 7870 driver (Windows 7)


      Hi all,


      GPU seems to work fine, I can run almost all games, but some games won't start (Doom, for example). Steam tells me that GPU driver is outdated, but I can't find any update on Gigabyte website and when I try to update driver using AMD website I get error 173 - AMD Installer cannot continue since AMD graphics hardware was not found. Auto detecting tool from AMD tells me the same.


      In my device manager (Windows 7) I can see AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series device and it works fine. I have some buggy version of Catalyst installed 2012.0806.1213.19931 and driver 8.982-120727a-145315C-ATI (provider Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.).


      Update: I've removed everything using AMD Uninstall tool from safe mode (in normal mode I was getting BSOD during uninstall). After that I have only Standard VGA adapter and I still can't install 16.12.1 or 16.12.2 driver from drivers download page. It gives me the same 173 error saying there is no AMD card.


      Info about my system:

      • Gigabyte PCI-Ex Radeon HD7870 2048MB GDDR5 (256bit) (1100/4800) (GV-R787OC-2GD);
      • Desktop;
      • OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1 64 bit, all updates are installed;
      • Driver version: not sure, how to check this since my CCC stopped working at all. From device manager I get: driver date 19.12.2016, driver version 21.19.407.0, driver provider Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.;
      • Monitor: Asus VS229HR 1920x1080 @60Hz;
      • Motherboard: Asus H87-PRO (s1150, Intel H87, PCI-Ex16);
      • Intel Core i5-4670 3.4GHz/5GT/s/6MB (BX80646I54670) s1150;
      • Chieftec CTG-750C;
      • 8 Gb RAM.