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    RX 480 Crashes with different colours screens


      Hi there,


      I recently bought a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 8GB OC GPU and installed it, latest drivers, everything. Twice now, once in Fallout 4 and once in Star wars Battlefront the screen has turned a colour all over (brown the first time and white the second) and there is a buzzing sound in my headset. I have to turn off my computer with the power button and start it back up. What should I do to resolve this?



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          I got the same problem but with a Gigabyte G1 rx480 gaming 8go.

          Here's my component:

          CPU:              FX-8350

          MotherBoard:  MSI 970 gaming

          Graphic Card: Gigabyte G1 RX480 gaming

          PSU:              EVGA SuperNova 650 G1

          RAM:             2x G.Skill Sniper 4go DDR3 1600

          SSD:              Mushkin ECO3 480go

          HDD:              SeaGate Baracuda 2To


          Everything is brand new in my system. I tried many (around 6) different drivers, same problem, random color screen, i tried a different pcie lane just to be sure, same problem. Update all bios (there were one available for my card), same things. It is strange because it quite stable while browsing the web (it crash around 3-5 times while on the web over two weeks) but crash every single time playing Dota 2 and GTA V.


          I tried too to lower de Memory clock with MSI afterburner and underclock evertything since it is an factory overclock card, seems more stable, but finish crashing while under load.


          My diagnostic is that it's hardware problem, but before i send it back to Gigabyte, i stop here to ask for help!


          Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english, not my first language!