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    RX480 low fps in less intensive games


      Hello all,

      I recently installed a Gigabyte G1 gaming RX480 4GB, replacing a R7 260x. On the 260x, I was hitting a steady 50 fps in Skyrim, 30 in Age of Empires 2 (I assume it's limited) and high 90s in Gemcraft 2. These all have low requirements, so I was pretty surprised when the 480 was hitting 25 fps in all of them. But, I get a score of 9200, give or take, in Firestrike. So the card seems to work, but only when it's forced to stretch its legs. I'm stumped on this one. I mean, the card doesn't seem to be faulty if it runs the benchmarks ok, but in game it's on par with integrated graphics. Nothing I've tried has gotten the FPS to budge, and on top of that the loading times have gone from around 10 seconds to 2 minutes in Skyrim.


      System specs


      i5 4440 3.1 Ghz

      Gigabyte Z87M D3H

      8GB Ram

      Corsair vs 650 PSU

      Windows 10 64bit

      256GB SSD


      Things I've tried:

      Clean uninstall/reinstall of latest drivers

      Resetting Windows 10

      Using older drivers (16.7.1)

      Disabling Vsync in Skyrim

      Reinstalling the games (twice, as the Windows reset wiped them)

      Increasing power limit by 50%

      Small overclock

      Setting power scheme to high performance in Windows

      Changing settings from Ultra high to Low quality (Skyrim)

      Updated GPU BIOS from F4 to F5


      I can't think of anything else I could try to resolve this. There's no system bottleneck, since everything was fine with a lesser card. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated, I'd hate to send the card back and find out it was some setting I'd overlooked.

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          Turns out it also has the most horrific coil whine I've ever heard, think I'm just going to return it. Would the performance issues be related to the coil whine (I say whine, it's more an incessant scream)? Is it just a faulty card, rather than a software problem as I previously suspected?

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            Because I know how frustrating it is to look for an issue and the person who found the answer doesn't share; the coil whine issue was fixed by limiting the FPS in Wattman. The higher the FPS, the more it screams. Still no fix for the low performance, but interestingly, it'll run Grand Theft Auto 5 at shockingly high framerates, so much so it induced the coil whine issue that I hadn't seen outside of low end benchmarking software.


            I do wonder if the card is stuck in a low usage state when it runs undemanding titles. GPUz shows it's working at max clock speed, but the power draw is low, around 37 watts, and the temperature stays minimal. Since it looks more and more like a software problem, I doubt I'll get away with returning the card *sigh*.

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              Success! My TV had an HDMI overscan feature, which I didn't realise. I've always adjusted that with HDMI scaling in AMD settings, setting the adjustment to 4%. Since disabling overscan on the TV and resetting the card to 0%, games are running fine. 50FPS in Skyrim (capped) and 30FPS in Age of Empires (also capped).


              Hope this helps someone, I see it's a common issue on these forums.