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    Video Tab and other Tabs are missing!Repeating Installing and Uninstalling.


        I often installed AMD Drivers.At first, black screen occurred.At the end,VIDEO,and other tabs is missing.Only GAME and SYSTEM TABS.Originaly,i used IObit uninstaller for uninstalling AMD Drivers.After,using amdcleanuputility.I had install AMD drivers by using adimistrator's run.I had used Crimson Edition and relive,and Lesh Cat,Catalyst.Woom,un,every drivers has no VIDEO tabs and others.Only GAMES and System tabs.

        I used DDU and DriverFusion,Driver Sweeper.But,the same thing occured.I use Device Manager.Device manager is good and safe for installing driver.VEN and DEV and SUBSYS errors is gone because of device manager installing.

      My PC is DELL Insiron 5759 2015 Windows10 GPU R5 335M,Intel HD520 integrated GPU. On Windows System Intel HD 520 Graphic is on generic pnp monitor BIOS.

      When Relive installed Report Wizard install is failed.(Inside of Start menu is empty)

      I install Relive ,often failures.Now,no function.