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Another MacBook with an AMD GPU and zero Windows driver support from you guys...

Question asked by zeusabj on Dec 31, 2016
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I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude but as a MacBook Pro user I've dealt with a highly frustrating situation concerning AMD GPUs *for years* now. Its just reached a point where I feel the need to say something about it. In the past 8 years I've owned 4 MacBooks with discrete GPUs. Two have had NVIDIA GPUs and two have had AMD GPUs, and I have utterly despised those AMD GPUs. Windows Boot Camp driver support from NVIDIA just flat puts AMD to shame. My last MacBook was 4 years old and it was just time to buy a new one this past fall. I decided to upgrade to the new Touch-bar Macbook Pro. I was *highly* disappointed to see that I was getting stuck with another AMD GPU because I just *knew* you guys wouldn't issue *any* Windows driver updates for it. I had hoped against hope that maybe, *just maybe* in the 4 years since I last had an AMD GPU in my MacBook Pro you guys were actually doing a better job supporting your Windows-on-Mac users with frequent driver updates. Then I read this:


Radeon Pro 400 drivers for windows


Nope! Zero updates for us! No drivers for you!


Ray, come on man, seriously?!! My last MacBook Pro had an NVIDIA GPU in it and NVIDIA was *constantly* delivering updated and game-optimized video drivers on the *WINDOWS* side. Yes its true, *APPLE* has a closed ecosystem that prevents you from delivering updated drivers *** for macOS *** but (as NVIDIA clearly demonstrated with my last MacBook) this is not true on the WINDOWS side!!! In the 4 years I owned my last MacBook NVIDIA provided driver updates for the Windows install on my Boot Camp partition on an almost monthly basis! They supported Windows 7, 8.1 and 10!!! In fact there was even a new driver that got issued the last day I used that MacBook! I get my new MacBook, install Windows and get *zilch* from you guys! In fact I hear you guys recently released a major update to your Crimson platform the very DAY I get my new MacBook, I try to install it and it refuses by telling me my device is "not supported"! So here I am stuck in a time-warp because you guys are too lazy or too scared of apple to allow me to update my Windows drivers!


Adding insult to injury it seems my only option to update my drivers is to rely on some person who hacks the installer to make it work under boot camp!!!! So clearly the issue is logistical (not technical). I mean just look at this:


What a load of baloney!  I can't believe some random "hacker dude" with a website is my only recourse just to update the Windows drivers for the AMD GPU on my MacBook! That's downright embarrassing! Way to go AMD!! I guess my only option is to hope that the next MacBook refresh switches back to NVIDIA GPUs so I can kick you guys back to the curb again. As long as this is your stance on supporting users who purchased products that include your GPUs you can count on me doing everything I can to avoid purchasing anything with an AMD GPU in it. I'll also encourage anyone else in the market to buy NVIDIA over you guys as well. I realize I'm ranting a little but I am just very *very* disappointed that AMD is *still* taking this stance with MacBook Pro users. I realize that there are nuances to your relationship with Apple that I may not be aware of, but if NVIDIA can find a way to deliver updates for MacBooks *surely* AMD can as well. I can only conclude that AMD is *choosing* not to support MacBook users and that's sad because we are your customers too (albeit indirectly). We deserve the same driver updates as everyone else who purchased an AMD GPU!


Please change your stance on this and start issuing updates for us as well!