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Help with configuration/settings for Radeon R7 370, Radeon Setting App, Monitor Refresh rate, HDMI sound

Question asked by jimkarl on Dec 30, 2016

Background : I'm an "older" gamer that hasn't played in years due to just being too busy but plan to eventually get back to it, though probably just with my older games (e.g Call of duty, battlefield etc). No specific plans running any current games anytime in the near future. Running Windows 7 on an older AMD Phenom II X6 1090T. My previous radeon HD6870 card started to get random graphic corruption on screen (normal desktop/browser use). Initially found a ton of dust inside the card itself and figured it was just overheating. After clearing ran fine for a few days but then returned, eventually to the point I could not get anything but VGA, so figured the card finally bit it. Went out and bought a XFX Radeon R7 370 that was open box and a great price deal. I think it's maybe one or two revs up from the card I had (performance wise). Wasn't looking for the latest greatest just had to get out of crappy VGA mode as fast and cheap as possible. Week later, my primary Viewsonic VX2739wm monitor (i have two but the second viewsonic is usually switched to HMDI to watch tv, when I gamed I did extend my desktop across both) also died so just got a Acer XG270XU monitor. 2560x1440 native res.Probably much more monitor then I need right now but maybe a bit of future proofing for a later PC upgrade. I have this monitor connect via display port (the second viewsonic via DVI) I have a number of questions since this is quite different from my previous card/setup. Hopefully some experts out there can help!


1) The new card software erased my Catalyst control center, which I was use to, especially being able to set the screen resolution right from the CCC icon on my taskbar. The new software is called "Radeon Settings" but I see no way to adjust the display resolution from that app. I've only been able to set from the Windows Display properties.

Q1 - Is there a way to set resolution from within this new app?


2) After installing the new monitor, i suddenly lost all sound from browsers, music players etc. I have a Creative labs Soundblaster X-Fi 7.1 channel card that I run direct into a Yamaha receiver (direct channel inputs, 1 wire per channel)  I figured out the source of the audio loss - the new graphic card was routing audio through it to the monitor. I was able to set default back to the creative card in windows sound properties, as well as disable the High Definition audio device the new software installed and all was back to "normal". The sound actually wouldn't have been completely lost if I had left things alone, but I had the monitor volume turned completely off since I had no intentions of routing audio to it (ever).

Q2 - Is there any performance, audio or functional advantage of routing the audio through the graphic card instead of the the Creative Labs sound card? If so, does the audio go out on both the Display port AND hdmi ports simultaneously? If so, I guess could run HDMI to my receiver for audio processing (though I wonder if the card now would think there was a 3rd display hooked up. Not even sure I would do this though, as now I can watch TV through the receiver, but flip sound between TV and computer as needed. But if there is some major advantage to running the sound through the card, I might consider it.


3) My Acer monitor is capable of a 144hz refresh rate, but again, see no way in "Radeon Settings" to adjust this. I had to set that again via Windows Display settings.

Q3 - Is there a way to set this through the radeon app and is there any reason to set it any lower than 144hz, now or when I start running my games again?


4) The radeon app has a setting "Virtual Super Resolution".

Q4 - When and why would I want to turn this on? Keep in mind this card/monitor is already higher than anything I've ever had and as I recall I couldn't run my previous card and games at max resolution without (sometimes severe) performance impact.