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Upgrading from an R9 290X

Question asked by gilaphreak on Dec 31, 2016
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Hey guys,


I've had my 290X for a while now, and it's been a terrific card! I bought it back in 2013, which was my first cutting edge GPU upgrade. However, it's getting a bit dated; and I think it's time to put the old boy to rest. I still run everything at max, and get framerates that are acceptable in 1080p (which is as high as my TV will run;) but I've recently purchased an HTC Vive, and the 290X just isn't cutting it.


So, I've been reading around and doing some research into benchmarks (I hate basing things off of benchmarks, because they aren't a great application reference.) From what I can tell, the R9 fury is objectively *slightly* better than the RX480 in the different benchmarks. (Which doesn't make sense, because on paper - the 480 just *looks* better statistically.) I don't intend on veering away from AMD, because I've always found their GPU line to be far superior to the competition; though it's very tempting to get top of the line - which seems to be a GTX 1080 (AMD, you're falling down in keeping up!)


The GPU boss results seem to be agreeable with other research, while significantly more detailed.

Radeon RX 480 vs R9 FURY


As I see it, I have three options:


Get an R9 Fury (Not Fury X) (downside being that it's another 4gb card, but looks to perform slightly better than a 480)

Get an RX 480 (8gb gives me a bit of leeway in future gaming, right?)

Wait it out for the release of the Vega series (I hate getting tech within a month or two of release, because results are iffy.)


For a gamer running Win7, with no intentions (or ability) of bumping my normal display (TV) resolution past 1080p (outside of the Vive); what is the community's opinion on my upgrade options? Right now, I'm leaning more towards the Fury; but the 480 is also very tempting. They are both effectively the same price for the next few hours, so I'm very torn..