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How to use Relive with 144Hz monitors?

Question asked by daringx on Dec 30, 2016

I play a DX11 game called Mechwarrior Online and cannot get the the new Relive software to work at anything other than 60Hz.  Please tell me how to adjust the settings so that I can game at 144Hz with Freesync enabled and still save replays using ReLive.


I previously used the Plays.Tv software without any issues by setting the "Windowed"  screen resolution in the game.  But "Windowed" mode does not work with ReLive...I don't' get any saved files nor an overlay after pressing the hotkey.  Only when I switch to "Fullscreen" does ReLive save a replay, but that changes the monitor's refresh rate to 60Hz in-game which is unacceptable.


And yes, I have the desktop refresh rate set to 144Hz, but DX11 doesn't seem to use it when using the "Fullscreen" option in the game.


Is there a solution for us 144Hz gamers?





Just figured out the problem.  I re-booted and in the computer BIOS disabled "Intel Virtualization" under CPU options.  Now ReLive works just fine in Fullscreen or Windowed mode at 144Hz.  Files are saved at 60fps, and at a reduced resolution of 1920x810 instead of my native 2560x1080 but that's an old bug.


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