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War of Warships FPS drop issue using AMD Crimson 16.12.2 on R9 Nano

Question asked by justpassthrough on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by justpassthrough

Installed Crimson driver 16.12.2 for R9 Nano in system, but while enter to  WOWS game (War of Warships), the FPS drop to 30~50 and cause seriously lag in game .

(normally using freesync  is 75 FPS in previous Crimson version 16.12.1, 16.12.1 works fine ),

Have tried to use DDU before install Version16.12.2 then proceed clean install, but same problem occurred.

Anyone experience the same issue ?

Will AMD fix this issue in newer  Crimson version driver?