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how come my gigabyte RX480 is not stable

Question asked by bibikola on Dec 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2017 by tynyt

i have RMA'd the new card to scan computers. its the Gigabyte G1 gaming rx480 4gb card. i finally realised it was not a faulty card but the bios issue. the card is very unstable and keeps crashing. the newer F5 bios is slightly more stable but still crashes regularly say about every 4-6 games and i noticed the temperature is over 80C. when i reduce the gpu clock to 1200 the temperature drops to under 80C and the game then tends to be more stable and note i said more stable not absolutely stable. i run win 10 and updated all drivers etc and when i change the card to tmy humble HD 6850 i never get a crash. my pc spec is good with water cooled CPU and nothing i ask my i5 6600k to do makes it sweat so i have looked into every component. i changed my mobo changed changed SSD from NVME samsung to Intel 520 unplugged everything. the problem started when i undated my my gpu driver to the newer form of the crimson drivers and then my trusted R9 285 2g started crashing so i RMA's the card 3 times until i bought another AMD RX 480 4g card thinking it was an unresolved r9 285 card issues.. so i changed everything and now my replaced RX 480 card is back , guess what.. same bloody problem. now i know its the crimson gremlins.. i will return the card to SCan for a full refund and i am seriously thinking to stop buying anything that has AMD on its badge or as a partner. the drivers are substandard and i dont think i get what i have paid for. to give a comparison, i think its like buying a car and then be told to stop using the 5th gear... I have been an AMD fan since the K5, K6, Amd 2500+ K7, Opteron 155 days and gpu cards dating back to ATI HD 2/3/4/5/6xxx i skipped the HD 7xxx due to the rebranding until the tonga chip was released due to its DirectX12.. so i have a good idea of drivers or lack of it. i had issues trying to use Linux with AMD/ATI drivers for 3d gpu and finally upgraded to win10 due to me following AMD. SO one simple question AMD, when will i get a stable bios for the RX 480 4G card and can you be specific or i will walk from the brand. Enough is just enough. now i have an R9 285 thats unstable with the crimson driver. the games i play is World of Tanks Civilization series Project Cars, War thunder.. Any ideas before i jump ship