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RX480 Eyefinity - crash....

Question asked by lubanus on Dec 30, 2016

Good day,

i bought a new carg RX480 8GB,  sand i made groupe of 3 monitors into 1 eyefinity groupe, without any trouble. Everything seems to be ok. I starting a game (any), and begin to  play, everything still working perfect, fantastic, but after 5-6 minutes of play, PC crash - by graphic card i think. All monitors are lighting, every by other colour- just one single colour, and is impossible to do anything, even ctrl+alt+del is nonfunctional, all freez, and after couple of seconds whole pc shutdown and restarting.

When i play with one monitor only, no any troubles. When i use old graphic card R5870 i can play with eyefinity without troubles (of course with significantly lower details, lower fps, and only some selected games, but can). So trouble must be somewhere with combination with my new RX480 card.

2 monitors are connect by DP cables, 1 monitor is by DVI.


What to do please?



My system:


Windows 7 64 bit

Intel core i7-860



Motherboard  ASUS

3x monitor DELL U2412M