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can't uninstall driver from control panel

Question asked by brendank on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by kingfish

Ok, recently this computer's screens started having a lot of issues - on monitor kept going black and creating black trailing squares after the mouse, on the other, webpages in a browser would black out unless I kept scrolling them up or down, basically things were really bad, and installing the newest graphics driver didn't fix that.  So I decided the best fix was to completely remove AMD Drivers and reinstall.  From Programs and features, the AMD Software logo was gray colored and trying to uninstall it returned the response Setup has detected an incompatible build. Setup will now exit.  So from windows advanced display settings, I uninstalled the driver from the graphics card properties.  The driver there is now listed as version, dated 9/16/2016.

Now after uninstalling my monitors seem to be working with no problems so far, but the AMD software in Programs and features is still gray and returns the same error on uninstall attempts.

Ok, any advice on what I should do?  My system is working now, but I'd really like to update the drivers and resolve whatever is incompatible about my build.

Oh, my system is a desktop running Windows 10 64 bit, it's got an Athlon quad core chip, 8GB of ram, and the graphics driver is a Radeon R7 240 series.

Thanks for any advice.