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Question asked by skrnjic on Dec 30, 2016
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OK im using lenovo g500 with dedicated amd r5 m200/hd8500 series, few days ago i did clean windows install cos i switched my hdd with ssd, and there is no option for chosing cards. So i went to device menager and card is there and it says drivers are up to date, next i went online and used autodetect and i downloaded crimson instalation whent true and i used express install near end pc freeze i left him to work but it stayed frozen for few hours, i restarted(had to pull battery out) and went back to see there is crimson installed but not working, as soon as i try to do anything(uninstall drivers from device manager, uninstall crimson form control panel, starting ddu to do uninstall, i went and downloaded drivers manualy and started instalation again freeze) or trying to do anything that has to do with amd graphic pc freezes and i have to restart, tried safe mode wont enter, tried disabling windows defender(i dont have any other AV) freeze... is there anything else but trying to reinstall windows again which is pain and i dont wanna do it unless it leaves only that option. So conclusion amd simply freezes my .