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graphic card r5m430 changes to r5m330 after upgrading to crimson relive!! ?

Question asked by mayankbansal on Dec 30, 2016

I own an hp 15bg001 ax laptop with a8 7410 2.5 ghz processor 4 gb RAM and r5 m430 2 GB gpu.


After recently upgrading to radeon crimson relive 16.12.2 edition my graphic card is being shown as r5m330 in radeon settings<system as well as in device manager instead of r5m430!

Also their is no Relive tab in radeon settings ,only 4 tabs , Display , System ,Video and Gaming are being shown like previous non relive version in which my gpu was 4r5m30.

Also their is no display color management tab in radeon additional settings, it was only after adjusting it, that my display was giving optimal viewing experience , and now my eyes strain so badly even after lowering the brightness.


This update has spoiled my computer!

Please provide the resolution to this problem ASAP!!