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Rx 480 Drivers problem .

Question asked by mikolajgrabarczyk on Dec 29, 2016


A few days ago i bought a Msi Rx480 8GB . I have Windows 7 64bit and the card is working with i5-4590 and 16 GB ram DDR3 1600mhz.

I have problem with application Amd settings . When i was playing a game the application and Wattman is crashed. This problem i solved it off proces "RadeonSetting" in task manager. Next problem is random closing any game and i haven't any information about problem . I don't know how to solve this problem . I have drivers Criminson 16.12.2 which i download from AMD official side. I haven't install feature ReLive . Before RX i have R9 280 with Catalyst and i haven't any problems . Can i uninstall AMD Software in control panel and how to uninstall Amd settings ? Maybe the problem will not appear .

I'am waiting for answer .

Sorry for my bad English