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    Far Cry primal game crashing in specific areas




      I am using Asus R9 380X. Recenlty I installed Far Cry primal, bought from Steam. The game. however, crashes and requires often PC reboot at specific areas of the game (mostly snow areas). Before posting, I have also contacted Ubisoft support and Steam support regarding this issue and it seems a lot of people are currently experiencing it. From what I saw, the same issue with drivers was taking place in March, after which a fix was released.

      For reference --> Game crashes when i enter any snowy area ! | Forums

      I am using 16.12.1 drivers version. Thank you in advance for your support.

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          iant.ntv I use R9 380 and facing the same problem. Far Cry Primal CRASHES in snowy areas.
          tried the latest driver 16.12.2 relive but it didn't fixed the issue.
          Even task manager doesn't appear, so a REBOOT is needed every time. The game mainly crashes at snowy areas and it can crash at anytime.
          It can be 2 seconds into the game or after 3 hours of continuous playing.
          Please fix this issue ASAP.

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              Same here. Installed latest drivers. It mostly crashes in snowy areas, but it also happens to crash in random places. I get the same issue like you. Task manager doesn't open most of the time, so I simply logout and end the windows session. The latest drivers did not fix it. It is a well known issue for quite a while. Please fix asap! Thank you.