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    overwatch grafics


      hi, I need help with what kind of grphics are needed for overwatch. The graficcard I use is the amd a10-7800 radeon r7. I have seen on the battle.net page that this is compatable with the game but i am still getting a really bad resulution and I dont know why. Please help

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          The minimum requirement for Overwatch is an HD 4850 which is a little less than the integrated graphics of the A10-7800 series, so you're barely meeting the minimum requirements. The recommended requirement is an HD 7950, so you should look at the R9 280, 380, or RX 470 (the latter two have about 125% and 150% the power of the 7950, but finding a 280 at this point may be difficult, and cost more than a RX 470).